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OfofoHub connect with SavageKing One of the Twitter Influencer. [FULL INTERVIEW HERE]

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Host: Good evening sir. I’m yusuf Olatunji popular known as Sagacious CEO please can you tell us your name

Guest: Evening! My name is Michael King popular known as SavageKing

Host: Can you tell us about yourself (Bio)

Guest: I’m 21 , i love tweeting ,eating and putting smiles on peoples face my favorite color is green I’m a member of that’s  the company i work with and I’m still a student.

Host: As an influencer! We have seen your tweet and retweet all over twitter, how long have you been into this influencer.

Guest: I don’t see myself as an influencer,i see myself as that twitter clown🤡 that do anything possible to make people laugh, sometimes i go through my timeline and i see people commenting (lol , guy this is funny asf, you made my day, maad o😂, i was sad before u just made me laugh, guy u always make me laugh thanks) and those comments alone make me want to do more.

Host: How did you start influencing

Guest: I started as an assistant for an influencer wont call his name ……When i post some stuff on twitter the guy will always say negative things towards my post It made me sad then Because i looked up to him, I was scared Of using my own name because i feel people wont like me and people would ignore me because i was not popular then. But after sometime i came to realize that i was more funny and i give more content than the guy, So I decided to change from being his assistant to using my own name and to my surprise people accepted and loved me

Host: You are an advertiser and promoter at twitter; why choose that path?

Guest: I didn’t choose that path it chose me!

Host: How?

Guest: When i joined twitter to be honest i never knew people make money from it but later I saw that people were willing to pay me to advertise & promote their work

Host: What else do you do in the influencer industry?

Guest: Nothing much just mind my business and post my mind

Host: As an influencer that promote brand! Who do you work with? Who have you work with?

Guest: I’m  Sorry I don’t give out customers names😊 but i have worked with a lot of brand and I work with my team because I have a team

Host: Which of your work favored you the most?

Guest: My current work at zickie. I get to travel around the state. it’s fun

Host: What is your relationship with other influencers? Who is your mentor in influencer, and then as a promoter?

Guest: As for the relationship: I follow with those influencers that flow with me ❤️ i guess some senior influencers dont like me because i refuse to treat them like God🤡. As for the mentor: I don’t longer have mentor because the I could have had fuck up with me and as a promoter: I looked up to Dr Pam Pam pamilerin

Host: Are you always lively and comely in real life, like you often appear to be, in your tweet?

Guest: In real life I’m a very funny guy jovial and with a big heart, I’m not calm at all😂

Host: What is your greatest challenge as a Nigerian influencer?

Guest: The greatest challenge is keeping up with the insults you get from tweeps! Most of the people that don’t like your post can DM you and insult your full generation some will even  quote your tweets with different kinds of insults. I will share the screenshot of those insult if you couldn’t mind seeing it.

Host: Aside being an influencer, do you have other career paths, hobbies or aspirations?

Guest: Yes! I edit, I act, and I also shoot movies I would love to work in the entertainment industry

Host: Do you think people can make a living out of influencer, in Nigeria?

Guest: Yes! Why not…….. .take a look at Dr Pamilerin, he is making a living out of it.

Host: Who is your favorite Nigeria musician

Guest: Frankedward!

Host: Who’s your Nollywood Nigeria actor and actress

Guest: for actor is Akin, paw paw and ukwa and for actress is Funke Akindele Bello and mercy johnsin.

Host: It has been an insightful moment with you sir! Thank you for your time. We do have to see more of you tweet sir.

Guest: Thank you for having me


The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the guest and not The Ofofohub Exponent. Please email us with any questions and comment in the comment section
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